A uHood Birthday – Blue Plate Turns 15

The almost-official restaurant of the uHood—Blue Plate—is turning 15.

Tablehopper has a brief write-up describing how the team at Blue Plate are planning to celebrate.

The sample birthday menu looks pretty decent; it’s replete with the usual staples of fried chicken, meatloaf and the goat’s cheese mac-n-cheese, but where’s the pork amongst the main course dishes? That’s a pretty major oversight.

The careful observer will note that Tablehopper incorrectly cites Blue Plate as being a Bernal restaurant.

When will they learn? It’s “La Lengua”!

Hipster Pop-Up to top all Hipster Pop-Ups

ImageThis Friday Clooney’s is hosting a pop-up birthday party with The Galley, Dear Mom Kitchen, and Wes Burger (the awesome burgers I previously blogged about).  And it is at Clooneys!!  I think this is a uHood must go.  Who is in?  


3 Great Pop Ups
Strong Cocktails
Well Groomed Pandora Station

It only happens once a year, so don’t miss it.

See you Friday!  6 pm – 10 pm

1401 Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94110

Sad uHood News: Owner of Drewes Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Walk past Drewes today and this is what you’ll see…


Josh was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. SF Gate has the details.

Josh was the driving force behind Drewes. By all accounts most of the ideas around the upcoming renovations at Drewes came from Josh. The staff are reeling in shock right now but they’re determined to move ahead.

When you next visit Drewes tip heavily. They need the support right now.

A darn good burger


A darn good burger

Coming to the uHood soon! This is a Wes Burger a pop-up that I found in Mr Pollo before the holidays. They should be coming back in Feb (likely on Sunday nights) and I highly recommend you try it. I would say it is the best burger I have had in SF – and that’s big!

If you don’t believe me – see what Broke Ass Stuart has to say: http://brokeassstuart.com/sf/2013/11/15/wes-burger-possibly-sfs-best-new-burger-joint/

NERT Training offered in Noe Valley (uHood)

As some of you know …  I am currently taking NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Training) with the San Francisco Fire Department.   They are going to offer another course starting soon right in our very own uHood!   The class prepares you to be a emergency responder alongside the fire department in the case of a major disaster (think earthquake).  There are six three hour sessions taught by firefighters.  I have found the course really interesting thus far.  

For more information on NERT:  http://www.sf-fire.org/index.aspx?page=859

For information on the training in Noe Valley (@ Fair Oaks & 26th):  http://www.sf-fire.org/index.aspx?page=879


And when you graduate from NERT  you get your own helmet and orange vest.  I know you all will be very jealous.  And yes – you can all just come to my house when the big earthquake comes.  We all know that was your plan anyways,  Now I will be better prepared!

Protesters vandalize Google bus, block Apple shuttle

In San Francisco’s Mission District, the epicenter of the housing crisis, protesters surrounded a bus full of Apple workers at about 9 a.m. and held it up for about 30 minutes, according to local news reports and witnesses. Demonstrators chanted and carried banners reading “Eviction Free San Francisco” and “Get Off The Bus.” Some urged Apple workers to join them; one did.