It’s Real – Al’s Place

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the progress at the bar formerly known as Toad’s. And it is real! While a bit lighter and brighter than Toad’s – Al is planning to open the first week of Feb.  The plan is veggie focused with meats “sides”. Should be a great edition to the uHood!

Read the details here:


Good-bye to the bar formerly known as Toads?

Just an early and unconfirmed rumor – but according to EaterSF the liquor license of South End Bar and Grill (or is it Grill And Bar? the bar formerly known as Toads!) is transferring to Aaron London from Unbuntu. That seems like a huge upgrade for the uHood.

While they say some in the neighborhood may miss the macaroni and cheese bar – we all know it is the chicken Milanese that will be missed the most!

south end

uHood Alum Makes the Big Time Mission News

As much as I believe is the pinnacle of uHood news …  we do have to admit that Mission Mission may have a slightly bigger following.  And our very own uHood alum made the big time Mission news.  While the circumstances could have been more joyful – we are proud to have a picture of our very own Niall shedding a tear in his beer at Rosamunde.  Credit to Juila on the ID!Image

Nerds take on Burritos

Nathan Silver and are going in search of America’s best burrito.  And the uHood is well represented with El Farolito, La Taqueria, and Taqueria Cancun included in the bracket.  

You can examine their methodology here:

What’s a uHood drunk to do?


Without fanfare our stalwart uHood dive bar has sadly closed its doors.  How I wish I could have gotten one more pint of cheap ass margarita or mojito?  Or even just a Racer IPA?  Or a few more goldfish for that bit of cracker sustenance?  Exactly what is needed when you approach your fourth round of pints of liquor at happy hour prices.  How I remember rushing to get to happy hour for the $4 margaritas . ..  only to learn that happy hour prices were just $1 less than the normal prices.

The Attic – I wish your farewell!!

In what may be a bit of solace – the owner of The Attic is opening a new place called Gashead Tavern in the former Charanga spot on Mission St.  But somehow a restaurant that serves actual food, has working lights, and may occasionally mop the floor just will never be able to replace The Attic.



Hipster Pop-Up to top all Hipster Pop-Ups

ImageThis Friday Clooney’s is hosting a pop-up birthday party with The Galley, Dear Mom Kitchen, and Wes Burger (the awesome burgers I previously blogged about).  And it is at Clooneys!!  I think this is a uHood must go.  Who is in?  


3 Great Pop Ups
Strong Cocktails
Well Groomed Pandora Station

It only happens once a year, so don’t miss it.

See you Friday!  6 pm – 10 pm

1401 Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94110