The Palace – back with addl uHood flavor

According to the great folks at eater – Manny Torres (of Mr. Pollo fame) has taken over the old joint and it is looking to really class the place up. But looks like the $7 steak dinner specials of old have gone and will be replaced with a $50 tasting menu and other $30 hunk of meat specials. Right now he doesn’t have a liquor license and it is BYOB. We should go quick!!

Full details from eater:

A preview of the menu:

Also rumors they will be doing take-out. A nice addition to the uHood!

Portuguese Restaurant Replaces Nervous Dog Coffee


As usual, I’m slower on the draw than Mission Mission, but I heard today that a new Portuguese cafe is going into the old cartoon/Nervous Dog Coffee shop: 

“Cafe St. Jorge is a Portuguese-inspired cafe and bakery located in San Francisco providing organic locally-sourced fare, delicious freshly baked breads and pastries, and exceptional coffee that is real and unpretentious in a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy some wonderful and friendly service.”

Read more on the Cafe St. Jorge Kickstarter page and Mission Mission.

The founder, Andrea de Francisco, is a friend of a friend so let’s make the effort to check it out!

Goodbye Naps III, Hello Virgil’s Sea Room


The hipster bar takeover of La Lengua continues with Virgil’s Sea Room, taking over the former Naps III. There will be karaoke, and according to the SF Eater blog, both gay and straight people, feeling comfortable and neighborhoody.

Before you get too sad, rumor has it (in MissionMission comments) that Nap retired, but may still moonlight as host.

Thanks to for the photo.

Back In Business Baby!



We’re back! After losing Posterous (so sad) and trying out Tumblr for a bit (yikes), we’ve relaunched on WordPress with a new look and feel. 

So, uHooders (you know who you are)…get your typing fingers ready and start posting our very important La Lengua news!