La Lengua: A Dive Bar Conservation Zone


SFGate recently posted an article about the decline of the dive bar in San Francisco.

With the loss of such favorites as Pops and The Attic, the numbers of our beloved dive bars dwindle. Luckily, we still have the Dovre Club and Clooney’s, which gets a fantastic photo spread in the article:

Note the addition of a fancy new window facing Valencia – performance upgrade!

Goodbye El Zocalo, Hello New Emmy’s…

Big news posted on Bernalwood blog: El Zocalo is closing, and Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack will be moving into the space.

In a similar situation to the Naps/Virgil’s transfer, the current owner of El Zocalo is retiring and sold the space to Emmy’s.

We’ll miss the shack, but excited for (perhaps?) shorter wait times!


Heads up: you may want to take Mission to get your next (fabulous) Taqueria Cancun burrito. While you may have thought you had until next Lent to walk by the Planned Parenthood without seeing aggressive protesters and massive photos of dead babies, you would be wrong.

Emboldened by the recent SCOTUS ruling regarding protest buffer zones, the protesters of our local PP branch are out in full force. Apparently they are now completely ignoring the SF 25-foot buffer zone and are not only verbally harassing patients and staff, but filming them as well.

As the situation is happening in the La Lengua autonomous region, Bernalwood has also covered the story:

The Skinny on St. Luke’s Construction

As you may have noticed, construction started on the new St. Luke’s hospital early this summer. They are currently working on “make-ready” projects, such as fixing water, sewer, and electrical lines under Guerrero, Cesar Chavez, 26th, and San Jose but are scheduled to start full construction in October.

For anyone interested, you can visit their website, where they post a weekly summary of activities:

As an example, here is the construction activity summary for this week:

Click to access STL-WeeklyConstruction20140728.pdf

You can also sign up for email notifications, which is nice because they will let you know about weekend and/or early (before 7am) construction:

Welcome to the Almost uHood Hillside Supper Club!



The Hillside Supper Club (a reincarnation of the Bernal Supper Club pop-up phenomenon) is pretty good. Or at least their brunch was!

Food was fresh and tasty, location is great, and the ambiance was chill. If you’re looking for good food without sharing a sidewalk with tourists or moneyed foodies field-tripping to Valencia, check it out.

And speaking of, can you believe there are tourists in the Mission? Whole groups of them with guides. Solos wandering lost with maps. My heart is breaking. Seriously.