Heads up: you may want to take Mission to get your next (fabulous) Taqueria Cancun burrito. While you may have thought you had until next Lent to walk by the Planned Parenthood without seeing aggressive protesters and massive photos of dead babies, you would be wrong.

Emboldened by the recent SCOTUS ruling regarding protest buffer zones, the protesters of our local PP branch are out in full force. Apparently they are now completely ignoring the SF 25-foot buffer zone and are not only verbally harassing patients and staff, but filming them as well.

As the situation is happening in the La Lengua autonomous region, Bernalwood has also covered the story:

Scientifically Proven by FiveThirtyEight — Taqueria Cancun Better Than El Farolito


Nate Silver and his band of merry nerds over at have decided!  Taqueria Cancun’s al pastor super burrito is truly dominant.  Check the press…

Taqueria Cancún is the unassuming neighbor of the more glamorous Mission Street members of the Burrito Bracket. Don’t get me wrong, it has a large, loyal following and has received its share of accolades over the years, but the long lines are never quite out the door, and the peaceful dinginess inside makes you feel more at home than you might at El Farolito or La Taqueria. Paper cutouts dangling from the ceiling, bright yellow walls and stained terra cotta tile also make a daytime visit feel like you’ve stumbled upon the aftermath of a raging party.

Read the rest of the post, but it’s a feather in the cap for a uHood stalwart.  And take that, El Farolito!  Just jokes. The truth is that the uHood loves all of its charming taquerias. 

The Skinny on St. Luke’s Construction

As you may have noticed, construction started on the new St. Luke’s hospital early this summer. They are currently working on “make-ready” projects, such as fixing water, sewer, and electrical lines under Guerrero, Cesar Chavez, 26th, and San Jose but are scheduled to start full construction in October.

For anyone interested, you can visit their website, where they post a weekly summary of activities:

As an example, here is the construction activity summary for this week:

Click to access STL-WeeklyConstruction20140728.pdf

You can also sign up for email notifications, which is nice because they will let you know about weekend and/or early (before 7am) construction:

Hooray! Sunday Parking Is Free Again In San Francisco (With Exceptions)

I was parking in Sunset on Sunday and couldn’t figure out why the meter said “Free Parking.” Now if only they’d refund my Sunday parking ticket from January last year when I got busted parking on a Sunday not knowing they started charging.. (Bastards.) I never could understand the logic that by charging for parking on Sundays, it would improve stores’ business, which is what they were claiming earlier…

Thanks to the Fixed app blog.

Hooray! Sunday Parking Is Free Again In San Francisco (With Exceptions)