Never leave the uHood – have it delivered!


So the options for deliveries to the uHood continue to increase.  I can personally attest to the beauty of Google Shopping Express and the free six month beta.  Free delivery from Target, Walgreens, Lucky, and Nob Hill Foods is pretty sweet.  They have also added Whole Foods, REI, Costco, Blue Bottle, and many more stores.  But they don’t deliver fresh food.  Enter Amazon Fresh!  Which delivers to my house (I confirmed my address) so I assume it will deliver to yours. Besides just groceries – Amazon Fresh seems to have some really awesome local vendors and semi-prepared foods like Delica Japanese, Homeroom Mac & Cheese, and ever raw Rosamunde Sausages!  Check out the initial vendors here:

They have to have unobstructed access to your front door to deliver.  I am certainly going to give it a try.  Free delivery for orders over $35 but they seem to be pushing people to sign-up for the free Amazon Fresh Prime trail (30 days free but if you don’t canx $299 for the year).

The Eater article also mentions lots of other delivery options:

Really why ever leave the uHood?

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