no way they will ever top the witty editorials and commentary on the blog …  but could be an interesting way to actually communicate with our neighbors?  I just signed up for this and my address is now included.  But sadly – the site arbitrarily determines your uHood and I am in Juri Commons (Guerrero to Mission, Cesar Chavez to 24th St).  


Sadly I am the only person in Juri Commons from our uHood (though Niall’s old place is in the same uHood).   

The Attic is closing

In majorly sad uHood news …  the rumor is that the beloved Attic is closing and for sale.  How you can’t stay in business with $4 pints of margaritas and all of the neighborhood drunks is beyond me.  I hope somewhere equally cheap and dingy opens in its place.  Don’t gentrify the Attic!



PS – in the greater uHood it is also rumored that Pops is closing as well ….

Food trucks coming to the uHood?

So my Uber driver the other day was the owner of the lot at Valencia and Cesar Chavez where the car detailing place and taco stand are currently.  He told me that he applied to the city for permits to make the lot into a food truck park like the one over by Costco.   So the uHood could become EVEN MORE HIPSTER with our own food trucks!