Yet Another Coffee Shop in a Losing Location – Tierra Mia


So what used to be Caffeinated Comics (crappy comic shop, even crappier cafe) and then some other nameless, forgettable coffee shop is… another coffee shop!  This time they claim to be an actual roaster, but unlike Four Barrel, no evidence of any roasting may be observed from the street.

The truth is that the location is cursed.  Like the old Watergate/B4 spot on Valencia Street, the corner now occupied by Tierra Mia should be strategic and great for business—it’s sandwiched right at the intersection of Mission and Valencia—but it’s absolutely not.  I put it down to the building; too much uninviting light-colored tile.

Personally, I can’t see yet another undifferentiated roaster making it in the long run.  Anyone brave enough to try them?

[UPDATE] It looks like Tierra Mia is a SoCal-based roaster with seven locations down there.  Their Mission location is their first foray into NorCal.  I’m still not a fan of the visual style of the outlet.

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