We’re About the Food!


Remember Pizza Di Mano?  Neither do I.  What I do remember is that they used to have the above phrase plastered on the exterior window of the shop.  It’s pretty puzzling.

“We’re all about the food!”  You’re a pizza joint.  If you’re not about the food then what exactly is it that you’re about?  The sale of illicit substances?  If you’re Cafe Venice then that’s potentially the case.  And given Pizza Di Mano’s short life span as one of the dozens of pizza vendors along the Hipster Valencia commuter corridor, there’s reason enough to argue that those illicit substances weren’t really up to snuff.

For a little while recently there appeared in the same window a “change of ownership” sign.  That’s now disappeared along with all the food that Pizza Di Mano was at one stage about.

What’s Up with BART – The 24th & Mission Station Redesign


Want to know what’s going on with all the construction going on at the 24th & Mission BART plaza? Want to know more about the new outdoor furniture that’s soon to be spoiled and soiled by your favorite local vagrants and winos? Look no further. All your questions shall be answered.