Beware the new Sunday parking meters in some areas! I accidentally parked at one on Mission St around 9th St and was rewarded with a $72 ticket. Guess the city needs more money.

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  1. <html> <head> <meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> </head> <body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> Wish I had known about that sooner. I think this is another clear example of the government trying to squeeze more money out of its citizens to make up for its shortfalls, shortfalls caused mainly due to poor management more than anything else.<br> <br> It’s interesting that they say: "SFMTA’s perspective is that the free meters on Sunday parking policy was antiquated as parking meters were originally implemented to create turnover for businesses," yet business owners say that free parking on Sunday was a plus for them and they don’t think this is a good idea.<br> <br> California is becoming more and more of a state unfriendly and hostile to the working class and businesses. Did you know California has the highest fine for running a red light? ($480 – apparently this is more than double the 2nd highest.) And one red light camera in Oakland generates $3 million in revenue for the state? California citizens are seen as money making engines by our inept politicians. And let’s not even get into CA state sales tax, income tax, gas tax, all of which are also exceptionally high.<br> <br> <div class="moz-cite-prefix"></div></body></html>

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