Welcome Fizzary


I spied their sign a couple weeks ago and now I have an update: The Fizzary opened on Monday and is located between 25th and 26th on Mission Street. I just checked it out – it’s quirky, eclectic, retro…I like it!

Main features are all sorts of soda from all around the world, including the ones they make locally. They also have some candy, salt water taffy in particular. Never really thought I could be entertained by checking out a big variety of sodas on display, but somehow I was entranced.

Cool, almost 826-Valencia-like feature is an insta-cooling pool. You can stick a room-temperature fizzy drink in there to cool it in only 3-5 minutes if you want to drink it right away.

The main guy in this photo is Aaron, the Fizzary’s owner. The other guy’s name I didn’t catch, though he complimented me on my backpack which gave him props in my eyes.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Fizzary

  1. Seriously guys – this is place is awesome! I went by one day this week in the middle of the day ("working from home") and they have 810 sodas incl a few they make themselves. They are organized by type of soda (ginger, rootbeer, lemon/lime, cherry, etc) and all sodas are $2- but if you buy three you get one free. And they have nice fourpacks you can fill up. and they give you candy! I talk to one of the owners as well. He was super excited they were on our blog. They are living about the shop so they are uHooder’s as well. Everyone needs to check this place out. I think it could become a bad habit 🙂

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