Mission Community Market…. ever been?


In my attempt to find a parking spot tonight I ran by mission community market which seems to happen every Thursday at Bartlett and 22nd. I was in a rush so could not swing by but it looked pretty cool and was sponsored by ‘Good Eggs’ tonight who were launching their new website. 

Have you ever been to Mission Community Market? Is it good?

Here is what the website says about it: 

“The Mission Community Market is more than a farmers’ market.  We are an open-air marketplace of farmers, small businesses and after-school programs. We promote family health and are creating a fun,beautiful public space for the Mission District.

We believe the greatest challenges facing the Mission today are the twin goals of economic security and family health. Through the power of food, the Mission Community Market presents a solution for both.

Market revenues are reinvested into bilingual health education and the “mercado match”, murals, and the community design process for the Mercado Plaza!”

1 thought on “Mission Community Market…. ever been?

  1. I like this market! It’s much more low-key and less toddler-oriented than Noe Valley’s farmer’s market. It’s small and manageable, though clearly very popular the day you took this photo!

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