Mission Community Market…. ever been?


In my attempt to find a parking spot tonight I ran by mission community market which seems to happen every Thursday at Bartlett and 22nd. I was in a rush so could not swing by but it looked pretty cool and was sponsored by ‘Good Eggs’ tonight who were launching their new website. 

Have you ever been to Mission Community Market? Is it good?

Here is what the website says about it: 

“The Mission Community Market is more than a farmers’ market.  We are an open-air marketplace of farmers, small businesses and after-school programs. We promote family health and are creating a fun,beautiful public space for the Mission District.

We believe the greatest challenges facing the Mission today are the twin goals of economic security and family health. Through the power of food, the Mission Community Market presents a solution for both.

Market revenues are reinvested into bilingual health education and the “mercado match”, murals, and the community design process for the Mercado Plaza!”

Warning: Don’t Eat the Cheese Crackers at Royal Cuckoo


The drinks remain delicious as always, but the new generic cheese crackers will leave you with a nasty hangover…

Both this poster and a friend had one drink + cheese crackers and ended the night feeling sick and hungover. The third party had the drink and skipped the crackers. No problemo.

Maybe MSG? If you’re planning to visit the Cuckoo, ask them what the brand is and let them know!

Bartlett liquor changing owner …. Again!!


Well, just 10 months or so since Michael (see Better know a shopkeeper part 1) and Nimer took over and greatly boosted Bartlett liquor they are moving on to. Michael broke his hand I heard and hasn’t been seen for months. So I guess moved on to greener pastures. A lady is taking over the reigns of the always more challenging than expected store. I will let you know how the transition goes. Hopefully there isn’t a lot of empty shelves for a while.

Betabrand = fashion in the uHood


I know Rohan loves these guys – but now I do too!  I ordered two Caperons (in case you don't know what a Caperon is – check it out here:  http://www.betabrand.com/sale/the-caperon.html.  These were made famous in the uHood by Rohan of course) as gifts and said that I was local in San Francisco and I could stop by to pick them up.  This was the email that I got to confirm my order was ready:

Hey There Courtney and a Happy Monday to ya (sigh),

Just giving a heads up that your order is here and is being diligently guarded by our army of Rebel Disco Elves. If you'd like to pick them up this evening, we have a fashion show going on until about 7pm with free booze, music and good times if you're interested at all.

At your earliest convenience, come on by to Betabrand's World Headquarters. We are located at 3435 Caesar Chavez, "office" # 224B. You'll walk by a print studio in front of the building and ring up to us (option 019), we'll buzz you up and the well-chosen clothing is yours for the taking (after trying em on, of course).

We're open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. If you need to come past the Disco Elves bedtime, just give us a heads up and we'll try to have someone stay late to help you.

How totally awesome!  They are right in the heart of the uHood (corner of CC and Valencia) and you support the uHood and be green and pick-up vs shipping.  I saw some of the disco clothes there in their studio and they looked awesome too!!

Check it out: http://www.betabrand.com/   (and if you need more info – ask Rohan!!)