It’s Time for BART times


Hot off the press, I've got your BART times newsletter. I did not realize they made a print version, but yes, they do. It is awesome (though I do believe their blog might be even better) and I've got your highlights right here:

Escalator Update
In a bid to speed escalator repair, BART has added 6 technicians to their escalator repair team (for a total of 16) and added overtime to their schedules. They hope to have 7 of the 12 San Francisco escalators fixed by June 22. Ours does not appear to be one of those six and they do not answer the question of why the escalators break down so often in the first place.

Transit Art Posters – Not Ads, Art
Those posters of people reading classic literature on BART trains? Those aren't ads from the public library, they're paintings from Owen Smith.

BART Service Advisories
Visit for apps, text "BART help" to 878787, or bookmark You can also call the BART Transit Information Center at 415 989-2278. Operators are availalble 6am to 11pm.

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