Coming To A Salvos Near Us


Our very own Salvation Army is building an enclosed playground to keep kids (like this) out of trouble on rainy winter daysl

From MissionLoc@l:

"Construction of the new gym is expected to be finished between November 2012 and January 2013. When it is done, the Salvation Army will host an open house for the community." More…

No word on where the enclosed playground will be, but the pictures make it look like they're in the space currently used for donations. If so, where will we donate?

It’s Time for BART times


Hot off the press, I've got your BART times newsletter. I did not realize they made a print version, but yes, they do. It is awesome (though I do believe their blog might be even better) and I've got your highlights right here:

Escalator Update
In a bid to speed escalator repair, BART has added 6 technicians to their escalator repair team (for a total of 16) and added overtime to their schedules. They hope to have 7 of the 12 San Francisco escalators fixed by June 22. Ours does not appear to be one of those six and they do not answer the question of why the escalators break down so often in the first place.

Transit Art Posters – Not Ads, Art
Those posters of people reading classic literature on BART trains? Those aren't ads from the public library, they're paintings from Owen Smith.

BART Service Advisories
Visit for apps, text "BART help" to 878787, or bookmark You can also call the BART Transit Information Center at 415 989-2278. Operators are availalble 6am to 11pm.

Steve Long, now signed


Hi everyone, I’m assuming by now you’ve had a chance to enjoy the amazing and soulful sounds of Steve Long at the 24th or 16th street Bart stations. Anyway, in catching up with Steve recently, I learned that he was just recently signed to a record label. Go Steve!

Lost in the uHood? Try This App!

We all love the uHood for its closeness to Bernal, Mission, and Noe. But do you ever wonder where exactly you are?

The answer is probably not, but just in case, there’s an app to tell you:

There’s some controversy, as La Lengua is not listed as an official neighborhood, but I take it as a good sign that we’re getting a mention on such big-name news sources as Mission Local. You can read about it here: Just ignore the sarcasm at the end and feel proud to be part of our little ‘hood that could.

Abandoned Gas Stations: What Is Up?


Just the other day, a certain someone was asking me "What is up with all those abandoned gas stations on Valencia?".

Well, after a little digging, here's an answer:

No call-outs for uHood stations, but the map shows a few. Apparently the Salvos is a contamination site being monitored. Check out the large map for more.

CPMC Construction Updates


It appears that CPMC construction has been approved. They were aiming for a completion date of October 2015 and operational start in February 2016, but it seems unlikely due to delays in getting approval. I still can't find a start date anywhere.

For more info, check out the following:


Project summary and detailed plans (PDF):

News articles:

For a deeper dive, here is an article from 2010 in the New York Times:

Take it with a grain of salt, as the writer makes it sound like St. Lukes is a ghost town, nearly as bad as SF General, which it's not. They didn't even mention the Women's Center!