What is your favourite view of / in the Microhood

What is your personal favourite view in the Microhood? Know of any secret spots?

I have had a secret favourite spot for sometime now and the view is spectacular. From the pic I hope you agree. The location is on the corner of 25th and Bartlett. There is a cool, tall, old school apartment complex there and if you know the code (ask me next time we are having drinks) you can go in and easily wander up to the roof. You will be treated to a divine view of the Microhood!!!

I definitely recommend you check it out!!



What is your fav?

Rosamunde has trivia???

How did we not know this?  I missed this on Rosamunde's Twitter last week.  I wonder if it is a regular happening?  If so – the uHood should go and dominate (or at least eat sausages and drink beer).  

Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Trivia Night tonight. Join host Todd Wouters for trivia, $3 Racer 5, prizes and more 8-10pm!