You can take the man out of the uhood, but you can’t… expect him to ship furniture.

Sadly, I am giving up my uhood apartment this week.  I’m still in denial that I won’t be living here.  In fact, I expect many of you will see me with the same frequency as you do now.  And perhaps I’ll be back sooner than anyone of us expect.

I’m not going to move any furniture, as it’s probably easier to obtain the equivalent in Boston for roughly the same cost as shipping would be my guess.  Yes, that is how awesome the furniture I own is.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, craigslist to craigslist.

However, before the craigslist scavengers descend upon my department like the carrion beetles they are, I’d like to give my fellow uhooders a chance at calling dibs.  I’ll give any of you an exceptional uhood price (free).  Mostly this post is for Maricondo’s benefit, but if anyone else wants to jump in on this, just email me directly.

Try to let me know if you’re interested sooner rather than later if anything catches your eye so I can hold on to them for you. Has to be out of my apartment by Saturday (I leave Sunday morning).

I’m planning on staying a loyal reader of the blog while I’m away. I’ll miss you all.

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