Tribute shrine to young girl on Bartlett


On my way home tonight I passed a lot of commotion on Bartlett at 24th where a small tribute shrine has emerged to a young girl called Giselle Ramirez. There were many young microhooders crowded around the shrine mourning the loss of their friend in whatever way they felt comfortable with.

From some investigation I have learnt that Giselle was a young girl (around 19) whose family is a Microhood local and she recently moved away to Sunnydale. While living there see committed suicide this past weekend.

It is sad to here that a microhooder would take their life away, but it makes you realize that there is definitely still overwhelming challenges for people just blocks away from us. Maybe we can do something to help others in these circumstances in the years to come? Rest in peace, Giselle.


4 thoughts on “Tribute shrine to young girl on Bartlett

  1. I would like to say to you,THANK YOU, for displaying your condolences publicly for my Lill HomeGirl Giselle,( A.K.A. Snapper). I hope that all who view this story will take some time to understand that Giselle was like many other YOUNG ADULTS, and, TEENAGERS that are out here walking through their life smiling and having fun with their Best Friends, BUT, on the inside Giselle was suffering from a Mental Illness! Giselle to me was a,"Fearless, Fun and Outgoing Young Woman that Had a Beautiful Smile that is truly hard to forget. The reality of the fact that Giselle took her own life makes this so hard for me to grasp! My nephew and 4 others were a group of bestfriends. The few times I kicked it with Snapper she was happy, fun, laughing, full of life. Im devastated to learn that Giselle was so not happy, on in fact in the inside Giselle was suffering and sad. My nephew and his girlfrind, which happends to be one of Giselle’s cousins, along with Deana, Giselle’s girlfriend, and Another young lady were all Best Friends, they were Unbreakable, a family, which now is Broken Apart and missing one of their family members behind a Mental Illness. Giselle has touched their lives in such a way that the impact of this questionable to what each one of them hold on their insides. Please people listen and pay attention to those around you. Try to hear what is not being said! To to read what is not clear! To my nephew and the other 3 friends my heart crystal for you as well as for Giselle and at anytime, I will be there for you all when u need me. It is important to understand that Giselle was a gift in our lives and her memory will not be in vain or forgotten, for Giselle was a lesson for some to have to learn, and for others Giselle was a lesson that had to be taught. With all this said Much love to those that are touched by our reality, to Giselle I believe you are now able to heal and make sense out of what was once confusing to you, and understand all that you couldent before. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS GISELLE "SNAPPER" RMIREZ

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