So many new restaurants in the Mission

I can't even keep up to report individually on all of the new happenings in the Mission part of our hood.  But there was a great 7×7 write-up on the Valencia corridor.  Check it out here:

Part 1:  http://www.7×
Part 2:  http://www.7×


Tribute shrine to young girl on Bartlett


On my way home tonight I passed a lot of commotion on Bartlett at 24th where a small tribute shrine has emerged to a young girl called Giselle Ramirez. There were many young microhooders crowded around the shrine mourning the loss of their friend in whatever way they felt comfortable with.

From some investigation I have learnt that Giselle was a young girl (around 19) whose family is a Microhood local and she recently moved away to Sunnydale. While living there see committed suicide this past weekend.

It is sad to here that a microhooder would take their life away, but it makes you realize that there is definitely still overwhelming challenges for people just blocks away from us. Maybe we can do something to help others in these circumstances in the years to come? Rest in peace, Giselle.