Woman attacked in microhood


This is really horrifying. We all need to look out for each other as much as possible.

Occupy the Mission?


Pardon the macro-hood topic, but for those of you who are not aware,
Ed Lee is hoping to send the tent city that is Occupy SF to a vacant
lot at 16th and Mission (1950 Mission St.).


It’s a tricky issue, as the downtown protest is a major nuisance. But
I also remember the days of the tent cities under Division, invisible
to most people and easy to ignore. It seems a shame to go back to

I’ve sent an email asking the mayor to try to find a better solution
to the problem. If you want to do so as well, here is the link:

(Image is from LA Times)

House on 24th and Bartlett catches fire; Traffic lady confused



I awoke this morning to a fresh roasting smell of smoke and as i wondered up Bartlett to 24th there was about 4 fire engines and 2 fire wardens breathing a sigh of relief after putting out a significant fire on 24th. I think it was the apartments behind that fire truck on the right in the picture as there was quite a lot of debris in front of the house. The streets were all closed and loads of people were watching the action.

Most entertaining was the look of the traffic lady’s face who seemed completely bewildered about how to do her job (a look she normally reserves for people who never pay attention to her…which is all the time).

Anyway, be sure to check you have your own fire extinguisher at home (class A B C) this Xmas. We wouldn’t want another fire in the Microhood.