My MINI got violated!!; Sweaty gym gear more desirable than iPod

Well. To be honest. I am amazed that I have parked on the street in the Microhood for 3.5 years and never had my car broken into. But this weekend my luck ran out and I was greeted by a spray of glass on arriving at my mini this morning. 

Turned out some really nice chap (NOT) on saturday night took a fancy to my gym bag that I had stupidly left on the front seat of the car. A quick smash of the window and he became a proud owner of my old speedos, torn swimming towl, gym socks, shorts and smelly socks. Not sure why the person chose to leave the 50Gb iPod that sat in the open glove box in clear sight (and remained there for 24 hours until I discovered the car) alone. I guess the stolen property market only takes touch screen iPods and iPhones…….who knows. 

Anyway, be sure to keep your stuff out of sight in your car this Xmas, as it is a real hassle having to get a new window put in quick, not to mention how cold it is driving to work with one window! 


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