Goodbye Jesse Morris

A fellow micro-hooder told me that Jesse Morris (aka Punk Rock Johnny
Cash) has passed away.

It’s true. And I’m so sad. He was wonderful.…

SoCha > Dell’uva


In other alcoholic beverage news: North Beach wine bar Dell’uva is
opening up a second venue in the former SoCha space. Here is how
Google describes the NB option:

outdoor seating · happy hour · heat lamps · cheese plate · truffle oil

Construction has started our Mission version, which looks equally
yellow to its big brother. Time will tell on the truffle oil.

Picture courtesy of:

Goodbye Argus


Such a sad day. The Argus closed on Monday and we didn’t even get to
say goodbye.

In its place will be another bar, called Iron & Wine, which sounds
like a visual mix between El Amigo and Royal Cuckoo. Key takeaway:
They will have music and serve beer. Their happy hour will last until
9 pm.
For more about the Argus and its replacement, read more here:…

Goodbye Argus. We will miss you.