salsa choices coming to the uHood


In very important uHood news …    Papalote is supposed to be releasing three new limited edition salsas – habanero, serrano-tomatillo, and chipotle.  New salsa flavors should be available in the restaurant starting in early November.  We will have to have a uHood test off.  I have a hard time believing they could be any better than the original – but I am totally willing to try them all.–132031993.html

3 thoughts on “salsa choices coming to the uHood

  1. Are they fresh or are they jar? The jar version of their salsa does not taste anywhere near as the fresh stuff. I am up for the taste off

  2. they are in the jar for sure, not sure if they are available fresh as well.  We got a jar of serrano-tomatillo and it is pretty good.  Different than the traditional (sweeter kinda) – but good.

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