I was burgled


just a neighborhood safety update …   My house was broken into while I was out of town over Labor Day weekend.  Admittedly it seems as though I left one of the front windows unlocked – but the thieves still had to take the screen off the window to even check that it was unlocked.  Luckily everything they took is very replaceable (computers, Wii, iPods, etc) and I have put my house back together.  So everyone check that your doors and windows are locked!!

6 thoughts on “I was burgled

  1. Oh no! That sucks! I am so sorry. Hope you had everything backed up on the computers. We should start a uhood watch program.Please tell me they didn’t get the Margarita machine.

  2. Oh no!  The margarita machine is safe and sound.  I think they were much more worried about getting the numchuck controllers for the Wii.  I think the margarita machine would be much too complicated for the neighborhood punks to sell on craigslist. 

  3. We leave a window in the kitchen open since our place has terrible air-flow… that might have to stop. Sorry to hear this Court.

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