Even More uHood History

Ever wondered about the bend in Precita street?

If yes, or even no, check out the interesting article from Bernalwood
via Burrito Justice. Not only did I learn why that bend exists, but
also that 26th used to be Navy street, and the Coso park used to be a
gravel pit. Who knew?


Burrito Justice is like the Rhodes Scholar/Pulitzer Prize winner of
uHood history.

Careful When You Leave the uHood


Hide your cell phones, hide your bikes!



See how relatively crime-free our little corner of The
Mission/Noe/Bernal is at the newly re-designed crime-spotting map:


I Love 311


311 Lovers:

The story below highlights how slowly it takes SFGOV to fix graffiti.
But look how quickly they resolve everything else!


I can confirm their excellent response time for oil spills and other
environmental mayhem, though due to old-timey technology I have only
called the number. No apping for me.

Thanks SFGOV.

I was burgled


just a neighborhood safety update …   My house was broken into while I was out of town over Labor Day weekend.  Admittedly it seems as though I left one of the front windows unlocked – but the thieves still had to take the screen off the window to even check that it was unlocked.  Luckily everything they took is very replaceable (computers, Wii, iPods, etc) and I have put my house back together.  So everyone check that your doors and windows are locked!!