uHood Investigative Journalism: Where to Find Silken Tofu



Perhaps you have wondered…where do I find silken tofu in the uHood?
It is not easy!

It is not at the 24th and Valencia market. It is not at the 26th and
Guerrero market. Nor is it at the La Lengua Mission street market!

It is at Safeway, but where? The meat area? The cheese area? The dairy area? NO!

This intrepid journalist discovered the secret: nestled between the
fruits and flowers, tofu at Safeway is in the special “healthy-eats”
area. You’re welcome.

Bartlett liquor has a new owner!


Yes it is official. Rocky has moved on to other new businesses and sold up Bartlett liquor. The guy in charge is Nimer. He is half Lebanese half armenian and promises to maintain the good beer selection and keep it well maintained (something rocky struggled with). He is also talking about getting a coffee machine and other improvements. We will wait and see. Say hi next time to stop by for some racer 5s!

More La Lengua History


uHood: Burrito Justice has posted more old-timey maps and pictures of
our beloved neighborhood.

This batch is from 1905 and shows the station at 25th and Valencia
that belongs to the old rail line (now Juri Commons and the Samoan
Church parking lot). Plus maps of the neighborhood from 1905 in color.

Check it out: http://burritojustice.com/2011/06/27/1905-sf-sanborn-maps-now-in-color/

As always, many thanks to Burrito Justice!