Cesar Chavez Improvements Update


Looks like they’re finally starting work on the Cesar Chavez sewer and
streetscape improvement plan!

The project is broken into two phases. Phase I is now scheduled to
being in August and will see the replacement of sewer lines in the
following locations:

• Cesar Chavez – from Hampshire Street to San Jose Avenue
• Harrison Street – from Cesar Chavez Street to 26th Street
• Valencia Street – from Cesar Chavez Street to Mission Street
• Fair Avenue – from Mission Street to Coleridge Street
• Coleridge Street – from Fair Avenue to Coso Avenue
• Coso Avenue & Coleridge Street intersection

Phase II begins in Spring 2012. This is the fun part of the project,
as it includes bicycle lanes, sidewalk widening, and greener

For more details:

3 thoughts on “Cesar Chavez Improvements Update

  1. they already did Guerrero St and it wasn't that bad.  Parking and road construction were a pain – but otherwise not too bad.

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