The Palace Family Steakhouse Lives Again

Can it be? Looks like the young and hip are bringing their ironic
foodie ways to ye ol’ Palace Family Steakhouse.

In true professional form, Bernalwood has sent their super-sneaky
spies in to have a look. Check out the link for more info, pictures,
and a link to a theme song by The Palace Family Steakhouse (oddly
enough, no relation):…

Check out THIS link for more info on the band. They’re playing in the
uHood on September 15!

Please Don’t Take Away My Stop Muni!


Looks like big changes might be coming to our little u-Hood transit
corridor: Muni wants to test all-door boarding on the J-Church and
change the schedule from a variable 5 to 13 minutes to a consistent 9

They also want to remove a stop between 30th and Clipper! Which means
that the oh-so-convenient 27th Street stop might be axed.

Oh please, please, don’t take away my stop!

Read more here if you dare:…

Crazy Emmy’s Mural Update!


So a week or two ago, I was walking by Emmy’s and noticed that the old
mural was painted black. I was so sad!

But it turns out that it was only preparation for an entirely new
mural, that was almost immediately vandalized…at 9:50 in the morning by
a patron!

Read the wacky story here on Bernalwood, the ultimate investigative
crime-fighting blog.…

In more Mission restaurant news – Wing Ho General Store


So slightly outside the borders of the uHood – but still in the greater uHood Mission area ….

They are finally planning to re-open the old Slanted Door location on Valencia (at 17th).  It is going to be another restaurant by the same owner (Charles Phan) but the new place is called the Wing Ho General Store.  It is supposed to be southern Chinese casual food (congee, noodles, rice, dumplings) with cocktails, beer, and wine.  This sounds amazing!  And the best news yet – they are already remodeling the place and could open as soon as September. 

Read more about it:

Cesar Chavez Improvements Update


Looks like they’re finally starting work on the Cesar Chavez sewer and
streetscape improvement plan!

The project is broken into two phases. Phase I is now scheduled to
being in August and will see the replacement of sewer lines in the
following locations:

• Cesar Chavez – from Hampshire Street to San Jose Avenue
• Harrison Street – from Cesar Chavez Street to 26th Street
• Valencia Street – from Cesar Chavez Street to Mission Street
• Fair Avenue – from Mission Street to Coleridge Street
• Coleridge Street – from Fair Avenue to Coso Avenue
• Coso Avenue & Coleridge Street intersection

Phase II begins in Spring 2012. This is the fun part of the project,
as it includes bicycle lanes, sidewalk widening, and greener

For more details: