Plant Bandits Strike Bernal


The super sleuths at Bernalwood are hot on the trail of a plant bandit:

The uHood is not immune to plant nappings – so plant lovers beware! If
so inclined, apparently you can report suspicious plantivity. Check
the link above for details.

Thanks Bernalwood!

5 thoughts on “Plant Bandits Strike Bernal

  1. We just started a little mini garden on the porch and we’re worried about them getting jacked. One plant was a gift from Annie’s mom so we bring it in at night. Who the hell does ghetto ass shit like steal plants?

  2. Let's just say that I've seen your plants and they are tantalizing treats for banditry. Hide your wife! Hide your plants!

  3. I had two potted ferns stolen the first two years I lived here.  The first was a smallish fern.  I got over it.  The second was a huge potted fern.  Seriously – not even sure that one person could carry it very easily.  Then I gave up on potted plants.  Green plants were never my thing.

  4. Cuz they’re stealing everybody’s plants out here! Such a shame. Annie initially refused to believe people would stoop to sub ghetto plant jacking levels but I quickly brought her back to earth. We’re probably going to start bringing out potted plants in at night.

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