New Cafe in the uHood


Ok…so maybe not that new. But it looks like Cafe Fiore opened last
month in the former Gypsy Honeymoon space on Guerrero and 24th.

It’s no Noeteca – just standard pastries, sandwiches, and coffee – but
the inside is totally redone and quite pretty.

Also, the Yelp reviews indicate the presence of an amazing thing:
their iced coffees have coffee ice cubes! And given the weather, I’d
say today is the day to give that awesomeness a try.

(P.S. The picture is from the Yelp review page. In addition to iced
coffee cubes, they also seem to have an abundance of adorable dogs on
the outside looking in.)

Hot tub is open for summer!


uHood newsflash …..  my hot tub is officially open for summer!!  Well – technically it will be open on Tuesday night because it takes 48 hours for the water to get hot enough.  But is clean and working and ready to go.  So crazy hot tub party at the next uHood BBQ. 

La Lengua: Que Son Tan Populares!


Thanks to Burrito Justice, La Lengua is getting more famous by the
day. Apparently, the newest – and tastiest – name for our uHood was
featured on CBS 5 and The Examiner back in April.

The video is absolutely hilarious:…

The article is informative:…

Read the play-by-play on Burrito Justice itself: