7 thoughts on “uHood Danger: Who Knew?

  1. Speaking of the smoking ladies, I finally summoned the courage to talk to them. They were friendly, but still scary as hell. They said they come to chill at the park after they get off work. As for the plastic hair raps and matching outfits… I didn’t ask.

  2. I am more disappointed to know the Salvo guys aren't really watching over the uHood and keeping that block safe.  I count on them loitering outside in the parking lot and keeping an eye on things.

  3. Ummm… guys? Not to be "that statistician" BUT:Think about what’s special about the block between Valencia & Guerrero on Caesar Chavez.Any guess why the reporting of crime on that block would be *substantially* higher than the reporting of crime about 10 feet away from that block?Don’t dis on the AA folk. They are fighting back addiction and keeping that block locked down. Hardest working dudes in the uhood.

  4. Not you! I blame the journalist who can’t figure out that hospital personnel reporting assault crimes to the police makes a block "dangerous." You’ll note that an EVEN MORE dangerous block is the one in front of SF General. One block over though? Super-safe…Now, 16th & Mission? That is legit (though if you look carefully, mostly prostitution-related)

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