Turf Wars in La Lengua – Over?


I believe we all by now have passed by the Planned Parenthood
protesters of our dear uHood. The protest was apparently part of
something called 40 Days for Life, which “calls on the religious to
spend Lent either fasting, praying or demonstrating against abortion.”

Seems like the protests ended last Sunday, but not before being bid
adieu by a counter protest. Sadly, I missed the whole thing.

But I did find a little article about them in Mission Loc@l.


Can’t say I’ll miss them…

I Has a Sad: Lotus Garden = Closed


Looks like the fire last week got the best of Lotus Garden. Blue Plate
and Los Panchos are still open. El Rio had a fund-raiser for some of
the now homeless tenants. Still no word on the cause of the fire.

Not many details but here are some follow-up articles: