Smoking Old Ladies


This may be a shot in the dark, but has anyone else seen the random smoking ladies in Juri Commons? I must say, it’s kinda creepy. They’re two hispanic ladies in their mid sixties. They’re usually dressed identically though I’m fairly certain they’re not twins. They sit in or amongst the trees/plants in Juri usually really late at night. Ryu is certainly uneasy when it comes to these two. What’s really strange is that their heads are wrapped in Safeway plastic bags (kinda like a ghetto plastic hair net) and they puff away feverishly on cigars as if the world is going to end (sometimes chanting). 

After seeing them a few times I’ve started saying hello in an effort to avoid them trying to kill me. Though I’m brave and willing to take sneak pics (see Black Hat and Uncle Paco impromptu candids) there is no f*cking way I’m going to risk my flash going off and have these chicks cut me to pieces. They look kinda strong.

Am I the only one who has seen these two?

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