Inside Watermelon Sugar


Here are a few things to know about Watermelon Sugar Salon, the place that took over the old Painted Bird spot:

– It’s named after the owner’s favorite book: “In Watermelon Sugar,” by Richard Brautigan. Nick (the owner) has a copy on hand – it’s a pretty darned quirky book.

– At least a couple of their stylists used to work at Edo Salon. So I’d say they’re on par with the stylists at the various Haight Street salons.

– They have a very cool iPad attachment that serves as their credit card swipe. I love seeing young businesses embracing new technologies for some reason (because I’m a nerd?).

So a decent option if you find yourself wanting a cut without a commute. And a thumbs up to them for bringing a service to the uHood we didn’t have quite so accessible before. Now what else can we use super close by? I’m thinking hardware store, late-night diner, Korean bbq….

3 thoughts on “Inside Watermelon Sugar

  1. Oh that – yeah, I did. I needed a last-min haircut so gave it a whirl. You can check it out and let me know what you think (looks pretty much like it normally does).

  2. Hmm. I should add that after a couple weeks my hair is looking a bit scruffy – think it’s because he used a razor, whereas my usual stylist goes for the scissors. So I may not be a personal convert, but still appreciate the cause.

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