Hipster Kitchen invades Clooney’s


Can this be for real?  Fine food at Clooney's?  What will the local bar flys do if the hipsters really invade their last local watering hole? 

Seems as though it is true.  The Galley Kitchen is supposed to be soft opening in Clooney's this weekend with "alternative pub fare". 

Check it out:  http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2011/02/the_galley_taking_over_the_kit.php

2 thoughts on “Hipster Kitchen invades Clooney’s

  1. The food is hip, but the clientele seems the same as always. Last night they had mac n’ cheese with cajun sausage and mushrooms but I was too scared to go in alone. Anyone up for a galley night?

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