Meet La Lengua


Apparently our beloved uHood is part of some mysterious neighborhood
called La Lengua. Also apparently:

a. The never-quite-caught-on Socecha/SoCha has lost the naming war
b. La Lengua has officially seceded from Bernal
b. Bernal is seriously grumpy

For more deets:…

10 thoughts on “Meet La Lengua

  1. The comments at Burrito Justice are worth the price of admission. Check it: "And death to that !@#$% parklet. Yeah, I want to sit along San Jose and inhale exhaust fumes. They seriously couldn’t have better used that money on fixing up the dangerously jagged sidewalks a couple of blocks away? "

  2. The burrito justice map indicates that hipster valencia retains a ‘Valencia channel’ right through our beloved La Lengua

  3. Bernal is not grumpy. We are merely glamorous and vain. Totally different.Most of all though, Bernal doesn’t take itself all that seriously. Glad to meet you, neighbors.

  4. Viva La Lengua! Viva Bernalwood! Viva µHood!The Hipster Valencia Commuter Canal is periodic — it is active northbound at 8-10 am and southbound 5-7 pm.While historic precedent indictates (yes, I made up that word) that the northern border of La Lengua lies somewhere between the old SPRR railway tracks and the terminus of San Jose Ave, we are happy to consider µHood as a Liminal Area with the full rights and privileges entailed therein. (Plus, µHood is a nicer name than Epiglottis.)

  5. I second the "micro" pronunciation. But maybe in an English accent and followed by a "I see you got spanked in the Ashes" when talking to the only Aussie in said uHood 😉

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