More uHood History


For you old-timey history buffs out there, check out this
super-detailed post about the fig tree in front of St. Luke’s:

Cast of characters includes the tree, St. Luke’s, San Jose and
Guerrero Streets, and Bancroft Library.

Thanks Burrito Justice!

La Lengua Loves Libations


And I love alliteration.

When did the Royal Cuckoo pop into existence?  Unless I’ve been downing my grog elsewhere, it looks like a new watering hole has emerged in the local viscinity that might be µHood worthy.  I emphasize the “might” with purpose since to the best of my knowledge the bar has not yet been properly µHood tested.

So when shall we get our swerve on and head over there for a few gulps of the story juice?

Street Vendor 5 course meal coming to Heart – Late Feb


While enjoying my tasty ramen at Heart tonight I asked the owner Geoff about upcoming events. He highlighted the regular art shows, but what really caught my attention was the 5 course street vendor food meal with wine and beer pairings!! Sounds great I think!!

He says it will come late feb and to keep a watch on their website for updates. I told him to check out ūüėČ

Get Ready for Rumbles


We already knew this, but looks like the Cesar Chavez re-do is finally
going to happen. Starting this spring! Finishing summer of 2012!

“That something should get under way this spring, and by summer 2012,
the major overhaul should be completed, with a new street that looks
nothing like nor functions like the Cesar Chavez Street of today.”

Read more: