Whoops!!! A bit too much celebration.

Well, it would appear that the Microhood get a little too carried away at World Series victories! So out have come the helicopters, the wall of riot police and of course the video cameras (loads were filming with their phones)

By the way, Rae and I walked into this on our way back home from dinner at Berretta. Quite a dramatic Monday evening really!

Fingers X no one gets hurt

2 thoughts on “Whoops!!! A bit too much celebration.

  1. Non-baseball Fans in the uhood: Think of winning the World Series as the equivalent of the winning the World Cup. See how reasonably everyone behaved?I highly recommend everyone find a way to go to the parade tomorrow. I went in Boston after the Sox won the World Series. It is difficult for me to explain why it was so much fun, but it was SO MUCH FUN! Just a lot of really happy people in the same place at the same time. It’s worth trying to get over there for an hour or so.

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