Mission Streetscape Plans in the uHood

The SF Planning Department released their Mission District Streetscape
Plan today.

How will our precious uHood be affected? I’ve compiled a summary of
their top projects for you:


San Jose/Guerrero Intersection
Create plaza with excess right-of-way; restrict traffic entering onto
San Jose Ave.
Priority Level: 1
More Info: Page 50

Mission/Valencia Intersection.
Create plaza with excess right-of-way by extending sidewalk on W side
of Valencia, and create back-in angled parking per SFCTA plan; extend
DPW design for Valencia St south of Cesar Chavez.
Priority Level: 4
More Info: Page 52

24th St BART Plaza Plaza
Per 24th St BART community plan; associated improvements to Osage
Alley (raised crosswalk, improved connections to BART plaza)
Priority Level: 5
More Info: Page 42

Mission/ Capp Plaza
Create a plaza from excess right-of-way by extending Capp Street
sidewalk at intersection with Cesar Chavez and Mission Street.
Priority Level: 6
More Info: Page 54

Traffic Calming:

26th St (Valencia to Potrero)
Traffic calming improvements, including traffic circles, chicanes, and
pinch points, as varies by intersection geometry.

Street Diets:

Cesar Chavez, Guerrero, and San Jose
This project would replace the existing striped medians on thorughways
such as Potrero Avenue with raised planted medians (while retaining
existing left turns and turn lanes) and would add median thumbnails to
provide mid-crossing pedestrian refuges. It would add corner sidewalk
bulb-outs at pedestrian crossings and bus bulb-outs at bus stops. New
street trees and sidewalk landscaping would also be provided.

Other Interesting Tidbits:

History of Mission street planning (page 20)
Sustainable drainage (page 80)
Funding and costs (page 89)

For more details go to the website and download the full doc:

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