Pumpkin Carving Party


uHooder's and friends – In order to appropriately get into the Halloween spirit – I am having a pumpkin carving party on Sunday, Oct 24th – 4 pm on my back patio (so we can be really messy carving pumpkins!!).   I will provide pumpkins, pumpkin carving suppliers, patterns, candles, etc.  and I will have some type of inside warming food for an early dinner as well.  RSVP to reserve a pumpkin! Cox

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Party

  1. uHooders – not sure who might have been planning to join – but I am going to cancel pumpkin carving tomorrow due to #1 inclement weather (so we can’t carve pumpkins outside) and #2 my illness that does not seem to be getting better (tailgating in the rain today probably did not help). So apologies for the change of plans …. Cox

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