A symphony of horns!

As you all know the SF giants are through to the world series and this has resulted in a symphony that perhaps Bach would be jealous of if he didn’t know the sounds were generated by car horns! I am lost for words except for….

Let’s go Giants!!!!!

Much Needed Changes at Anthony’s Cookies


Anthony is lucky his cookies are so good.   As an articulate uHooder once observed, “they’re like cookies your mom would make… if she were AWESOME!”  And while that’s totally true, the brutal reality of Anthony’s Cookies is that his customer service sucks.    I mean it sucks to the point that a few of us no longer want to go there.  There are a number of major problems.

  1. Train the staff to be efficient.  It appears that Anthony has instructed his employees to let the patrons linger and indulge them while they lazily question the flavor merits of each cookie.  While during low traffic periods this is fine, during peak periods, say weekends, this is disastrous.  The staff need to tell the middle-aged ladies to step to one side, contemplate their choices, and they’ll get back to them when they’re done helping out the other people who’ve been waiting for 30 minutes.
  2. When a long line develops, deploy more resources.  By that I mean the guy whose sole job is to take the phone orders needs to realize that there’s benefit in working the till between calls.  It won’t hurt.  Don’t just stand there like a stunned mullet while the line snakes out to the door.
  3. Place the list of available cookies FOR THAT DAY on the wall.  Anthony has actually addressed this and while it’s a tiny improvement, it’s an improvement nonetheless.  Until about two weeks ago first time patrons would see the amazing list of all the types of cookies Anthony bakes listed on the reader board.  They’d make a carefully considered selection only to find that three of the five cookies they wanted were never baked that day.  Fail. What would then ensue is a further six minute delay while the customer chose something else.
  4. When it’s busy, ACT.  Anthony clearly cares about his customers but he’s got a ways to go before he knows how to convert that caring into positive action.  When the line is slow and people are getting pissed off, don’t walk up to the counter like you’re actually going to do something about it and instead offer the empty platitude of “we’ll be with you shortly.”  That doesn’t change anything.  The right thing to do would be to take heed of point two from above and tell the guy sweeping the floor to bag and box the cookies while the sluggish young woman at the counter takes the cash.
  5. Cash only for orders of $15 or less.  It’s a simple fix that will ensure that people ordering big get the benefit of using their cards while the punters looking for a quick cookie fix aren’t delayed by the slow pokes. Better yet, establish a cash-only line.

Got any more suggestions for Anthony?  The man needs help.  With a few incremental changes he can turn what’s become a crappy experience into one that’s as awesome as his cookies.

Mission Streetscape Plans in the uHood

The SF Planning Department released their Mission District Streetscape
Plan today.

How will our precious uHood be affected? I’ve compiled a summary of
their top projects for you:


San Jose/Guerrero Intersection
Create plaza with excess right-of-way; restrict traffic entering onto
San Jose Ave.
Priority Level: 1
More Info: Page 50

Mission/Valencia Intersection.
Create plaza with excess right-of-way by extending sidewalk on W side
of Valencia, and create back-in angled parking per SFCTA plan; extend
DPW design for Valencia St south of Cesar Chavez.
Priority Level: 4
More Info: Page 52

24th St BART Plaza Plaza
Per 24th St BART community plan; associated improvements to Osage
Alley (raised crosswalk, improved connections to BART plaza)
Priority Level: 5
More Info: Page 42

Mission/ Capp Plaza
Create a plaza from excess right-of-way by extending Capp Street
sidewalk at intersection with Cesar Chavez and Mission Street.
Priority Level: 6
More Info: Page 54

Traffic Calming:

26th St (Valencia to Potrero)
Traffic calming improvements, including traffic circles, chicanes, and
pinch points, as varies by intersection geometry.

Street Diets:

Cesar Chavez, Guerrero, and San Jose
This project would replace the existing striped medians on thorughways
such as Potrero Avenue with raised planted medians (while retaining
existing left turns and turn lanes) and would add median thumbnails to
provide mid-crossing pedestrian refuges. It would add corner sidewalk
bulb-outs at pedestrian crossings and bus bulb-outs at bus stops. New
street trees and sidewalk landscaping would also be provided.

Other Interesting Tidbits:

History of Mission street planning (page 20)
Sustainable drainage (page 80)
Funding and costs (page 89)

For more details go to the website and download the full doc:

Pumpkin Carving Party


uHooder's and friends – In order to appropriately get into the Halloween spirit – I am having a pumpkin carving party on Sunday, Oct 24th – 4 pm on my back patio (so we can be really messy carving pumpkins!!).   I will provide pumpkins, pumpkin carving suppliers, patterns, candles, etc.  and I will have some type of inside warming food for an early dinner as well.  RSVP to reserve a pumpkin! Cox

Litquake Events in the uHood


uHooders – it’s the litquake time of the year again. It appears that
there are not many events in the uHood proper, save one:

Original Shorts: Bottoms Up

October 4, 2010 7:00 pm


Heart Wine Bar

1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Each year, Litquake asks a select group of authors to write new
stories on a specific theme. Join this year’s esteemed scribblers as
they reveal their original takes on the theme “Bottoms Up.”

With Dodie Bellamy, Elizabeth Bernstein, Joshua Braff, Anne Finger,
Shanthi Sekaran, Namwali Serpell, and James Warner

Anyone interested in a glass of wine and some fiction? I will bring
some hipster glasses and librarian credentials.