Who Doesn’t Love Libraries?


And did you know you can donate your used books to the SF Mission
Library? The donation center is located outside of the uHood at 438
Treat Avenue. They’re open for donations between 10am and 2pm
Monday-Saturday. Call 415-522-8600 for more info.

And speaking of more info, here’s a super cool article about our very
own uHood library – also known as branch number 1:


1 thought on “Who Doesn’t Love Libraries?

  1. I used the self-check out feature for the first time today. IT IS AWESOME!! I can now order my book on sfpl.org, get an e-mail it’s there, walk over, go straight to "my" shelf, where my book has been conveniently marked with my name on the spine in giant letters, walk over to the self-check out, scan my card and my book, leave.DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS??? I can now go to the library and exit with a book without talking to ANYONE. This has been a dream of mine since probably I was 5.

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