He Only Says Nice Things to the Ladies


Intrepid uHooder, Kwesi, seized the day and snapped this fetching shot of Uncle Paco in his natural environment: cold chillin’ in front of the coffee shop by the 24th & Mission BART station, whispering sweet nothings to any hapless young lady unfortunate enough to stray into his field of vision.

6 thoughts on “He Only Says Nice Things to the Ladies

  1. A few thoughts on Uncle Paco:* I feel bad that his picture is now plastered unknowingly on the interwebs* I feel less bad because I was Uncle Paco’ed just this morning* The trend is growing – there are now multiple harassers loitering around the BART* Can someone put a stop to this? Harassment at any time is unpleasant, but even more so at 7 am on your way to work.

  2. First of all…. HAHAHAHAHA. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. He usually ignores me when I’m without Annie (and her boobs). But lately, I’ve been getting Uncle Paco’ed in a "whats up bro" kinda way. I swear he is getting more and more pervy by the month.

  3. I have made it a point to wear my sunglasses or text. When he and i make eye contact, I mean mug. Question: I have come home at various times during the day, and [without fail] see him. What does he do all day?

  4. I saw Uncle Tupaco nearly give himself another stroke after being mesmerized by the ass of a 310 + lb woman/off duty 49er.

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