No One Likes 555 Barlett


In a surprisingly long article about such a crappy building, SFGate
concurs that the 555 Bartlett condos suck:

But on a positive note, I’m off to the Walgreen’s for toothpaste and tissues!

3 thoughts on “No One Likes 555 Barlett

  1. Which walgreens? I only go to the 23rd one on principal! Plus they have clipper card charge up. No surprise about 555. Just doesn’t fit in at all I think. Too Santana Row in San Jose 😉

  2. The shitty metal mesh they used on the balconies is what puts the tawdriness of this ugly slab of retarded urban planning over the ledge. Not even six months have passed since construction ceased and the rust stains are already showing, not to mention the flimsiness of the way the mesh is attached. Total fail.

  3. And then there’s the mural. Oh man, it sucks. The position of the mural seems like an afterthought; as if the developers said, "oh shit, we’d better make some effort to seem kind of Missiony. Slap a mural on the side and we’ll call it done." And then mural itself is poorly executed. The proportions of the figures are all wrong. Were a bunch of Mission High School art students let loose with the paintbrushes?

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