Greater uHood Restaurant Round-up


Lots going on in the greater uHood restaurant scene these days …. 

– Arizemendi has a sign-up that says "see you next week".  Is our uHood bakery finally going to open?  Woo Hoo!
– Paxti's is coming to 24th St/Noe Valley.  But why would you eat here when you can go to Little Star?
– A new restaurant called "Beast and the Hare" is moving into the La Provence space at 22nd & Guerrero.  Anything will be better than La Provence!
– The Mission Beach Cafe folks are going to move into the old Eb & Flow space at 18th & Guerrero with a new restaurant. 
– Lolo is now taking reservations via OpenTable – which is a much better option than going to "wait" at the Make-Out Room. 

The Mission has its own food cart gathering – Off the Grid at McCoppin Hub (by the uHaul on Valencia & Duboce) on Saturdays from 11 – 4 and 5 – 10 pm.  Check out what trucks will be there at:

AND ….  rumor has it that Grub is FINALLY opening next week (but I will believe it when I see it).  And they they will have a Macaroni and Cheese bar.  Who knew the restaurant formerly known as Toad's as such a trend setter!

Who Doesn’t Love Libraries?


And did you know you can donate your used books to the SF Mission
Library? The donation center is located outside of the uHood at 438
Treat Avenue. They’re open for donations between 10am and 2pm
Monday-Saturday. Call 415-522-8600 for more info.

And speaking of more info, here’s a super cool article about our very
own uHood library – also known as branch number 1:…

uHood Help for San Bruno

uHooders – the people of San Bruno need clothes and blankets. We can
get these things to them in one of two ways:

1. Bring them over to the Pethompsons. If I get enough, I’ll take
them directly to the drop site (Veterans Memorial Building in Bruno
2. Drop them off at our very own Salvation Army (take them to the shop
at 26th and Valencia according to the lady on the phone).

If you don’t have clothes or blankets, the Red Cross can use your
money. No volunteers – you have to be pre-approved and trained.

South Mission Historical Map


The Planning Department has recently completed the Eastern
Neighborhoods Mission Area Plan (South Mission) Historic Resource
Survey, which began in 2007. The survey identifies “buildings and
structures that appear to be eligible for listing in the California
Register of Historical Resources (including those that appear eligible
for listing in the National Register of Historical Resources).”

The Department has created an interactive “Google Map” too! Check it



I just discovered that there is now a mac and cheese bar at
Toads/South End Grill & Bar! There is a whole menu of different
toppings you can get on your mac: grilled veggies, peas and bacon,
etc. At least two full weeks of different mac and cheese every night.

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.

The Black Hat

I’ve got a new favorite drunk who lurks at the 24th & Mission BART station.  I call him the Black Hat for obvious reasons.  He’s sometimes seen in the company of Mr. Slick, the suit-wearing booze hound who’s often spied with a brown paper-wrapped bevvy in hand.  Stay classy!