The Advocacy Position Initially Looked Clear…


Can somebody please explain the advocacy position of this sign to me?  It’s currently plastered on a billboard near the newly-opened Crepe House (not a bad place to eat nor a great place) and while at first glance it appears that it’s stridently against the US government’s apparently limitless support of Israel, that impression wanders into murky waters and dissolves once the fine-print is absorbed.

Now I’m all for a good politically-oriented billboard — that anti-Chinese government one that rose up over the 101 near the SFO turnoff about two years ago never failed to put a smile on my dial — but if organizations are going to beat us over the head with whatever it is that’s causing their knickers to get in a twist then they should at least have the decency to make it fucking obvious which side they’re on.

Come on, this is America.  We can’t handle subtlety in our political messaging.  Nothing short of a brick to the head is total fail.  That’s why we’re saddled with Sarah Palin.  Ah, fuck it.  Nobody cares anyway.

2 thoughts on “The Advocacy Position Initially Looked Clear…

  1. I’m kind of amazed ClearChannel put this up – there’s zero mention of the organization that ran it. It’s kind of a weird form of sarcasm too. I feel like whoever wrote that copy very angrily smoked a bowl right after.

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