Brave the Street Food Festival this year?


Hey uHooders – are we going to brave the La Cocina Street Food Festival again this year?  I haven't seen it advertised as much and they swear it is supposed to be much larger, have much more food, and be much less crowded this year.  I would give it another go in support of the uHood.  This Saturday between 11 am and 7 pm on Folsom between 24th and 26th and Treat, Shotwell, Garfield park, etc.  Who is interested in going?

6 thoughts on “Brave the Street Food Festival this year?

  1. ugh, it was brutal last year. Felt like the UN should have had a booth handing out rice or something, the way everyone was pushing each other around trying to buy a pupusa. What if we just went for pupusas?

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure how "much larger" and "more food" correspond with "much less crowded." To me they correspond with "much more crowded." I vote for pupusas.

  3. all right!  I am convinced this is a uHood event to skip.  But I say – let's go to eat pupusas and then to the Attic on Sat night?  Cox

  4. We need some spies. Who’s brave enough to undertake a reconnaissance mission? That English guy we know might be up for it.

  5. Anyone go after all? I heard it was definitely larger, but still had pretty major crowds / uninspiring food (in the sense that you could get it from say… a restaurant in the Mission any other day of the week as well).

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