SF Fire CU


There are 3 requirements to joining the SF Fire Credit Union (http://sffirecu.org):

  1. You live in SF.
  2. You have $5.
  3. You are willing to give your $5 to the Credit Union.

I joined today; it seems awesome:

  • I signed up on-line entirely.
  • They pay for all ATM fees from any ATM.  All of them.  Unlimited.  Overseas too.
  • They have a VISA card with 1% cash back and, again, no fees.  No international fees even – I have never seen this before.
  • There are no fees on a surprising number of things – traveler’s checks, cashier checks, money orders, rolling coins, stopping payment on checks.  These guys appear old school: http://www.sffirecu.org/rates-fees/fees
  • If you are unsatisfied with their level of customer service, they will give you $10, no questions asked.  Yes, you read that correctly.
  • They have people answering the phones 7 days a week, 6a – 10p.
  • They won’t sell your information to anyone.
  • All of their news is about firefighters and firefighting events.

The only reason I hesitate to give an unqualified recommendation is that – while they are well-insured – they are not Federally insured.  Their explanation of why not made me like them even more (http://www.sffirecu.org/about-us/american-share-insurance-nov-2009 ), but you will have to make your own peace with that fact.

1 thought on “SF Fire CU

  1. I have also never seen a VISA without international fees. But I did see some firemen entering Anthony’s today. They must be using that 1% cash back on cookies! Yum.

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