I Like Beavers


We got our first official out-of-state visitor to www.microhoodsf.com.  Our happy visitor from Beaverton, OR visited two pages and stayed for a total of 6 minutes and 14 seconds.  I wish I knew which two pages our intrepid visitor digested but I haven’t the faintest idea.

The Advocacy Position Initially Looked Clear…


Can somebody please explain the advocacy position of this sign to me?  It’s currently plastered on a billboard near the newly-opened Crepe House (not a bad place to eat nor a great place) and while at first glance it appears that it’s stridently against the US government’s apparently limitless support of Israel, that impression wanders into murky waters and dissolves once the fine-print is absorbed.

Now I’m all for a good politically-oriented billboard — that anti-Chinese government one that rose up over the 101 near the SFO turnoff about two years ago never failed to put a smile on my dial — but if organizations are going to beat us over the head with whatever it is that’s causing their knickers to get in a twist then they should at least have the decency to make it fucking obvious which side they’re on.

Come on, this is America.  We can’t handle subtlety in our political messaging.  Nothing short of a brick to the head is total fail.  That’s why we’re saddled with Sarah Palin.  Ah, fuck it.  Nobody cares anyway.

Brave the Street Food Festival this year?


Hey uHooders – are we going to brave the La Cocina Street Food Festival again this year?  I haven't seen it advertised as much and they swear it is supposed to be much larger, have much more food, and be much less crowded this year.  I would give it another go in support of the uHood.  This Saturday between 11 am and 7 pm on Folsom between 24th and 26th and Treat, Shotwell, Garfield park, etc.  Who is interested in going?  http://www.sfstreetfoodfest.com/2010/

Just what you have all been waiting for …


Hot Tub Time Machine Party!! 

Next Friday, Aug 13th – 6 pm onwards (fitting to have a Hot Tub Time Machine party on Friday the 13th?)
Cox's hot tub – which should be newly cleaned and sparkly (hopefully back in business by Friday – there is some risk taking happening here)
Showing Hot Tub Time Machine – and hopefully watching from the hot tub (there is some technical work to do here)
BBQing Fredsteak et al – since the legendary Bill/Dave will be in town for one finale BBQ appearance

Please let me know if you can make it!

Pizza DiMano


So we all know the pizza place has a name ….  but did you know?

– They offer fast, free delivery
– You can order by fax at 415.550.1596
– You can order on their web site http://www.pizzadimano.com/
– They take Discover card
– Se Habla Expanol

Shouldn't this place be the most popular pizza place in the Mission?

I got a coupon in the mail today from Pizza DiMano.  It is free for the taking for anyone in the uHood.  Enjoy!

SF Fire CU


There are 3 requirements to joining the SF Fire Credit Union (http://sffirecu.org):

  1. You live in SF.
  2. You have $5.
  3. You are willing to give your $5 to the Credit Union.

I joined today; it seems awesome:

  • I signed up on-line entirely.
  • They pay for all ATM fees from any ATM.  All of them.  Unlimited.  Overseas too.
  • They have a VISA card with 1% cash back and, again, no fees.  No international fees even – I have never seen this before.
  • There are no fees on a surprising number of things – traveler’s checks, cashier checks, money orders, rolling coins, stopping payment on checks.  These guys appear old school: http://www.sffirecu.org/rates-fees/fees
  • If you are unsatisfied with their level of customer service, they will give you $10, no questions asked.  Yes, you read that correctly.
  • They have people answering the phones 7 days a week, 6a – 10p.
  • They won’t sell your information to anyone.
  • All of their news is about firefighters and firefighting events.

The only reason I hesitate to give an unqualified recommendation is that – while they are well-insured – they are not Federally insured.  Their explanation of why not made me like them even more (http://www.sffirecu.org/about-us/american-share-insurance-nov-2009 ), but you will have to make your own peace with that fact.