Big Changes to St. Luke’s


uHooders. Get ready for the pile drivers…a new St. Luke’s is coming
to an unsightly parking lot near you. If approved in September,
construction begins in 2011.  Here’s an excerpt of what we can expect:

Construction of the proposed St. Luke’s Replacement Hospital would begin in 2011 and continue for approximately 4 years. The approximate duration of key construction phases is expected to be as follows, with some overlap occurring between certain phases:

► utilities realignment, 8 months;
► excavation, 3 months;
► foundation work, 8 months;
► structure and exterior work, 20 months;
► interior work, 18 months; and
► demolition of the existing hospital tower, 5 months.

For more deets, go to
and download the PDF for 2.6.

Thank god we’re renting our new place. It just became a lot less
appealing for the next seven years.

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